Monday, February 2, 2009

Snow Business

This weekend after asking for a month I finally agreed to go snowmobiling with Shaun to his hunting camp in Sepculator. I was pleasantly surprised that it was a groomed trail at least, since it is 11 miles in the woods. The weather was perfect..30 degrees and no wind! Compared to 20 below zero that is a heat wave around these parts! I was dressed for the part in my winter gear...but unfortunately no one told me the rules of the trail before we headed out..apparently the other riders on the trail put up their fingers to signal how many are coming up behind the first group we encountered I thought were waving at me! Now, this kind of goofiness is not unusual for me so I figured it out quickly and stopped waving at everyone. We got back to the camp without incident and my big, strong hubby trudged his way into the camp (which was covered with several feet of snow) and got a shovel to shovel me a path through 4 feet of snow to the outhouse. My hero. We then headed up a hill and had a winter picnic which was quite fun and special. We drove back and I felt like a real country girl, I made it! Today however I feel old. My back and thigh muscles are really aching, but the trip was worth it for sure. When we got home we ordered pizza and watched the movie Fireproof which I highly recommend, it was very thought provoking..and I am a Kirk Cameron fan from Waaaaaaaaaaay back!